Struer’s sailing club, Struer Sejlklub, is again hosting two championships for an international field of boats and competitors in the H-boat one-design class.

Struer is establishing a firm position in the sailing world as a venue for hosting international sailing events.

Again this year Struer and the local sailing club, Struer Sejlklub, are the proud hosts of a strong field of top sailors competing in two regattas: The Danish Championships and the Nordic Championships for the H-boat one design class.

The championships are held jointly by Struer Sejlklub and the Danish H-boat Association. The President of the association, Henrik Toft, says:

– The Danish H-boat Association has great experience with the town of Struer and Struer Sejlklub hosting regattas. On several occasions they have provided well organised races.  As sailors we have felt welcome and extremely well treated, particularly at the recent World Championships in 2021 where the club ensured everything went smoothly.

Up to 40 boats participating

The expectation is that between 30 and 40 boats will participate on the water during the Danish Championships/Nordic Championships this year that will take place over the weekend of August 19 – 21, 2022.

– The championships are open championships meaning that H-boats and sailors from nations other than Denmark can participate. We look forward to welcoming the best helmsmen and crews from Finland, Norway and Sweden, Henrik Toft says.

Struer Sejlklub, is looking forward to taking on this challenge.

– We are very pleased to be able to host these large scale sailing events, the head of the regatta steering committee in Struer Sejlklub, Otto G. Jensen, explains:  We could not do it without the members of the club stepping in to cover the many different jobs necessary for such an event. It is a huge job for us but it is also great for the social side of the club.

Good conditions for racing

Participating boats praise not only the organizing of the regattas, but also the general conditions on the water.

Otto G. Jensen says: Last year we faced challenging weather and windy conditions but still managed to race. This made the sailing extra interesting for the competitors who had to perform at their very best in the fight for medals.

– We had a lot of interest from the public in the racing during the H-boat class World Championships last year, and are working on making them even more accessible to spectators and to bring the public closer to the actual racing, Otto G. Jensen adds.

– This year we will have a large screen in the marina area, broadcasting live from the races. In addition we have access to a small passenger ferry, a restored previous locally running ferry in Struer, so we can take people out to watch the boats close up while they are racing.

The head of the regatta steering committee, Otto G. Jensen from Struer`s Sailing Club,
is pleased that Struer has become a bit of a hotspot for major international races. (Press photo)


  • Danish Championships and Nordic Championships for H-boats will take place from August 19th – 21st
  • The regatta hosted by Struer Sejlklub, Limfjorden being a great venue for competitive yacht racing
  • Boats from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, amongst others, will participate
  • Around 120 sailors and up to 40 boats are expected to participate
  • The H-boat is one of the most widespread one-class racing boats in the world
  • The H-boat is a GRP keelboat, designed in Finland by Hans Groop in 1967
The nine-time world champion, Claus Høj Jensen from Herslev Strand Sailing Club,
will also be on the water in Struer until August, to compete for the DM and NM titles. (Press photo)

For further information, please contact:

Otto G. Jensen, the head of the regatta steering comittee, Struer Sejlklub. Phone +45 91 54 02 57, e-mail:

Henrik Toft, president, Danish H-Boat Association. Phone +45 22 40 78 63, e-mail: