Dear Otto, dear all at Struer Sejlklub, the city of Struer, the Jury and Race officials + sponsors

On behalf of IHA I’d like to once more extend a warm thank you for the great event you hosted for us all, during last week in Struer. We know how much effort it takes to execute such an event with the smoothness and hospitable feeling that you gave all the sailors.

Many “new” H-boat sailors came to me and expressed that this class is very open and with a nice atmosphere, in combination with the high competitive level, and that is also due to the event you created.

Please forward this to all relevant helpers etc. 

I hope the tear-down of the venue and general clean-up has not been too hard and also that you and others can now get some relaxing times. 

Thank you!

Sincerely Yours

Mads P.G. Korsgaard,
President, IHA